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1/30/06:  Updated Upcoming Events with Requiem mass information for Fr. Conway, OP; added tribute page for Father Pierre Hyacinth Conway, OP, RIP

1/21/06:  Updated Upcoming Events

11/20/05:  Updated Upcoming Events

04/20/05:  Updated Upcoming Events. Links to Congress 2005

02/14/04:  Updated Chapter News , Upcoming Events. Added Dominican Martyrology to Dominican Links, new link to Catonsville, MD chapter.

02/04/04:  Updated Chapter News

01/19/04:  Updated Chapter News and Upcoming Events.

04/20/03:  Updated Chapter News and Upcoming Events. Added page for St. Catherine of Siena Feast Day Celebration

03/08/03:  Updated  Upcoming Events

02/14/03:  Updated Upcoming Events

01/16/03:  Updated Chapter News and Upcoming Events. Added page for St. Thomas Feast Day Celebration

11/7/02:  Added a link on the Dominican Link Page to the remarkable community of The Hawthorne Dominicans.

9/11/02 - Added a link on the Dominican Link Page to the "blog" of a Third Order Dominican, "Disputations."

7/28/02:  Updated Upcoming Events. Added page for St. Dominic Feast Day Celebration.  Corrected/updated and added new links on Rosary Links Page.  

6/27/02:  Updated Chapter News. Congratulations to Fr James Mary Sullivan, the new Provincial Promoter and heartfelt thanks and best wishes for Fr Joseph Allen in his new assignment

6/23/02:  Updated Chapter News and Upcoming Events.  Congratulations to Fr Dominic Izzo, the new Provincial and to the newly received and professed members of our chapter

5/21/02:  Updated Upcoming Events.  

4/16/02:  Updated Chapter News and Upcoming Events.  

4/11/02: Added link on Rosary Links Page for Picture Beads, Our Lady's Rosary site; and a call to prayer for our Church on Content Page.

4/4/02: Added link on Rosary Links Page for the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary.

3/28/02: Added from Content Page an Easter Page featuring the "Regina Coeli" with its beautiful chant-melody.

2/6/02: Verified and updated all links on the OP Third's Dominican Links Page (amazingly all are still active!).  Added a link for the Dominican Nuns of Summit NJ.

11/17/01:  Updated Chapter News and Upcoming Events.  Updated Rosary Pilgrimage pages.

10/19/01:  Updated Rosary Page --  Verified all links (and made note of those seemingly no longer active), updated some URLs, and added 3 new links as well.

9/6/01:  Added two new links to OP Links Page: to the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. and to the International Dominican Youth Movement.

2/28/01:  Updated Upcoming Events.

2/7/01: Added two sub-pages under All About Our Chapter Link in Table of Contents: Chapter News and Upcoming Events.

1/8/01:  Added on Table of Contents Page, towards bottom, a link to the new Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Church and the New Millennium with its suggested pastoral programme: Novo Millennio Ineunte. Also added, on OP Third Links Page, a new article by Gilbert Keith Chesterton on Saint Thomas Aquinas.

12/7/00:  Added page, on Dominican Links Page, giving a remarkable introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas by the great lay-theologian, Joseph Pieper.

11/2/00: Expanded the Reflection on Active Patience by Yves Congar OP. accessed from the Dominican Links Page.

10/12/00: Verified all Rosary Links (and almost are still very active and alive!); updated several URLs, eliminated the one link that was dead, and added one new link as well to an essay on the Rosary by Romano Guardini.

9/14/00:  Added 2 links on Dominican Links Page to the modern lay Dominican, Blessed Pier Giorgio Fressati, a popular figure among many youth today.

8/18/00:  Added a link on Dominican Links Page to the Patron Saints Image Gallery to various images of St. Dominic.

8/8/00:  Added a link to the St Pius V Lay Dominican Pro-Chapter in Catonsville MD on Dominican Links Page. And for today's feast of St Dominic, added on Dominican Links Page, A Litany of St Dominic from Magnificat.

7/18/00:  Added towards bottom of Lacordaire Page, the famous words of Fr Henri John Baptiste Lacordaire on the Priesthoood.

6/29/00:  added a link on the Dominican Links Page to an onsite Reflection on Patience by Yves Congar OP.

6/8/00:  revised the look of the Lacordaire Page to make it easier to read and more consistent.

6/6/00:  added a link on the Dominican Links Page to the excellent writings available at the Maritain Center, including some works of St Thomas Aquinas, as well as a link to Christendom Awake! an interesting site sparked by the publication of a book by that name by Dominican Father Aidan Nichols.

5/1/00:  added note on Content Page indicating that, while the Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage ended yesterday, we will keep the pages up for now and hope to add some reports and photos of the Conference, which was a remarkable success.

4/22/2000:  final update for Schedule for Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage and Registration Information. Also added a link to the homepage of the "Nashville" Dominican Sisters.

4/15/200: updated lodging information on Contact/General Information Page for the Rosary Pilgrimage, since all the religious houses originally listed are now filled. Also, on Schedule Page noted the death of one of the planned speakers, Fr Frederick Jelly. Requiescat in pace!

4/12/2000--updated Schedule for Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage.

3/15/00---added some titles (books and tapes) to Book Store Page.

2/22/99--added new page giving contact information, directions, and general  information for the Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage

2/14/2000--did some adjustments on Registration and Sponsors pages regarding fees and deadlines.

1/20/00--added to the Lacordaire Page/Link a new Letter written for spiritual guidance to a young man, entitled "Prayer, Penance, and Reading of Scripture." Good advice even for today!

1/13/00--removed special Christmas insert and added a new link on the Dominican Links Page to a Dominican Institute in Bari, Italy, which offers much information on the Shrine to St Nicholas.

12/30/99--added in Christmas Greeting on Table of Content Page a link to a new page showing Pope John Paul II during the Opening of the Holy Door before Christmas Midnight Mass, with a section of his homily.

12/22/99--added a Christmas greeting to Table of Content Page with an image of the Madonna by Fra Angelico.

12/14/99--With a few changes in time-slots, finalized Schedule for Rosary Pilgrimage.

12/2/99--Added a few more Dominican Links.

11/14/99--Added several new Dominican Links.

11/10/99--For ease of navigation purposes, added Table of Content Links to bottom of each major page (I hope!). Added, too, on 11/11/99 any number of general Catholic sites to our Links Page.

11/1/99--Did extensive editing of several pages, with new text in many places, and some new links as well.

10/13/99--Did first editing of typos (more coming!) and added photo of Fr Giles Gimock, OP on the Tentative Agenda Page (he is homilist for the Sunday Mass). Some pages yet to be added.

10/7/99--Official "launching" of site on Feast of Our Lady of the most holy Rosary! There is more to be added, and site will be updated on a regular basis. But hopefully, there's enough for a good start. Suggestions and feedback gratefully welcomed!  Come back and visit us again.

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