We Use a Sandwich Toaster for Quick and Tasty Lunches at Home

My wife and I work from home. We put in a lot of hours at the computer to pay the bills. Lunch was usually microwaved fare. Then we bought a really nice sandwich toaster. We have been enjoying the many different sandwiches that can be made. We can get exotic with everything from pastrami to Reuben sandwiches, but a good old grilled cheese is still probably my favorite. I really like grilled cheese with tomato and a bowl of tomato soup. Not the stuff made with water. I like tomato soup made with milk. It makes for a heavy lunch, but it is oh so good!

We use our sandwich toaster at least three or four days a week. We kind of dislike the microwave meals now. Making sandwiches with fresh breads and fresh ingredients is so much more enjoyable than heating up a plastic tub of something in the microwave. I think it is better for us too. We get our grains, meat, vegetables and dairy all on a single sandwich if we make them right. I like sandwiches that are toasted much more than ones on plain bread. You give me a grilled sandwich and a couple of dill pickle spears and I am happy. Throw in a couple of honey barbecue potato chips and it is a meal fit for a king!

The sandwich toaster we bought makes them quick. It is just as easy and quick as the microwave in most instances, and it tastes a whole lot better. It is quicker than the microwave if we are making something from the freezer. I like the fresh taste of using the toaster for sandwiches. It is much better, in my opinion, than something that has been packaged and possibly irradiated and months old, and it still lets us not have to spend too much time in preparation.

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