We Just Got Back from Spring Break

Of course the usual thing you do on spring break is to go some place where you can drink and watch other kids drink and go wild in the sun. This year I have a girlfriend and she is a rather unusual one, so we went to Comicon in San Diego. She is really disappointed in me because she has this really cute pikachu cosplay costume that she is wearing, but I refused to dress up. There are thousands of people there and a lot of them are dressed up like superheros and superheroines and cartoon characters. I could have found something to do and still pretend to be one of the cool kids, but that seemed as though it would be a whole lot of work to me. There must have been hundreds of guys dressed up like Batman for example, which is the one thing that I would have thought about doing. There were guys dressed up like every Batman ever and a lot of them were quite well done.

In fact there were plenty of people who really had gone all out and some of the girls were really way past what you would expect people to wear out in public. It was really a strange thing when you think about it, but some of it was quite well done. I got in a bit of trouble when Marie caught me staring at one of the girls who was dressed up like Princess Leia, when she was in the slave girl costume. That is really a big thing at this place and a lot of them are really serious about this stuff. Of course this is a really great way to get a whole lot of attention if you happen to be the sort of girl who likes that.

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