The CCTV Can See Everything

I hate that fact that people have to live in fear in their own neighborhoods, but that’s the kind of world that we live in now. You never know when a criminal is going to strike, and it’s better to be prepared for it than to be caught with your pants down. The only way to know when a criminal is in the vicinity is by having a watchful eye on them at all times, and that can only be done with CCTV systems. I have a system set up at my home with 8 cameras that watch every part of the exterior of my home, from the front to the back.

Each camera is connected to one receiver that also records the footage. I can access the cameras directly from the receiver while I am at home, or I can use my smartphone to look at it while I’m out. I usually check the cameras a couple of times a day while at work just to make sure that nothing is going wrong. Some people might think of it as being paranoid, but I rather check than do nothing and let my home get broken into because I was too busy worrying about what someone else might think.

The cameras have helped me see some things that aren’t criminal offenses, but still annoying. There was a person who would walk their dog up and down the street for exercise. Occasionally, the dog would have to stop and relieve itself, and the owner would always let the dog do it in my yard. The dog would urinate and defecate in the yard, and when it was done, the owner would pick up the waste with a plastic bag, put it in my garbage can, and go on about his way as if nothing was wrong.

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