The Best Web Hosting Service Around

I recently searched for software development in Sheffield due to some questions I had about constructing an app for my website business. I located a firm that looked like they did great work, but what really caught my eye is that they also hosted websites. Now that just blew me away because I’ve never seen a company that offers such a comprehensive service. They do apps, they host sites, they can fix your website, etc. Maybe these types of outfits exist elsewhere, but I had never seen one in the few years that I’ve been running my business online.

Finding this company was very important to me because I have been having hosting problems almost since the beginning. It’s always something with these hosting companies. Either it takes forever to get a response to a ticket or there is too much downtime. Either way, the end result is that I’m losing money. I simply cannot afford to have my site down for hours at a time while I wait for a response on a ticket. It’s insane and it’s infuriating. Yet I kept running into this problem time and time again with various hosting places.

Everything improved immediately with the Sheffield company. Not only were they willing to host my site, they helped me transfer it over to their servers. Then they got to work on my app after I provided information on what I wanted and how I wanted it to work. It’s on the site now and it works like a dream. It’s just incredible that any type of problem I have can easily be answered by the same company hosting my site. It just boggles my mind. Also, I haven’t been having problems getting help promptly. I can’t imagine I’ll ever leave this company for another hosting service. They’re just too good at what they do.

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