St. Catherine of Siena Pro-Chapter

Great Falls, Virginia

Third Order of Preachers


Special Celebration

of the 

Feast of St. Catherine of Siena

April 29th, 2004





We, the members of the St. Catherine of Siena Pro-Chapter of the Third Order of Preachers,  warmly invite all to witness the professions of our members on the occasion of the Feast day of the patroness of our order




6:30pm Evening Prayer

7:00pm Holy Rosary

7:30pm Solemn High Mass with Professions



  • Rev. Franklyn Martin McAfee, D.D. Pastor


  • Rev. James Mary Sullivan, OP, Provincial Promoter of Third Order for St. Joseph Province of the Order of Preachers

  • Rev. Athanasius Sulavik, OP, St. Catherine of Siena Pro Chapter Spiritual Moderator


  • Rev. James Mary Sullivan, OP

Champagne Reception to follow in Bishop Justs Hall




April 29th, 2004


St. Catherine of Siena 

Catholic Church

1020 Springvale Road

Great Falls, Virginia 22066




Mr. Julian Heron, TOP



The Saint Catherine Chapter meets at the church every first Saturday for mass at 9:00 a.m. Mass is followed by the monthly meeting. While inquirers and guests are most welcome, we kindly request that you contact the Prior in advance of the meeting. The Third Order of St. Dominic (aka Third Order of Preachers or Dominican Laity) is a branch of the Order of Preachers open to laity (married and single) and diocesean clergy attracted to the charism of the Order: contemplation, prayer, study, community in support of holy preaching.



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St. Catherine of Siena,

Oil on Panel, Br. Gebhard Fröhlich SJ

St. Catherine's Church, Metairie, La

 The Whole




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