Relaxing Way to Beat Work Stress

Visiting a Bristol beauty salon went a long way towards fixing my work related stress. I spend more than ten hours a day on my feet working an extremely stressful retail oriented job. Six days a week, I show up for work early and barely have time to sit down at all in that ten hour time period. It’s a constant hustle from start to finish, and my schedule has really started to do a number on my health. Most days I ache from head to toe, and I even had a lot of problems concentrating or getting to sleep.

The combination of muscle ache and lack of sleep only accelerated the problem. It got so bad I started missing work just to try and get some rest and stop the body aches. My use of pain relievers accelerated, which became worrisome when I realized I could be doing permanent damage to my liver by taking them so often. I was at my wit’s end as to what to do when a friend suggested going to a salon and getting a full body massage. She knew just the place and insisted I go in and see what could be done.

I figured it was worth a shot and signed on for something called Relax into Radiance. It’s a ninety minute massage and I must say I walked out of the salon afterwards feeling like a new person. All the body aches were gone and I felt clear headed for the first time in ages. I also noticed an appreciable decline in my stress levels. For the rest of the week I didn’t need to take a single pain killer and I also noticed I wasn’t as tired after my usual ten hour day. I’m planning on going in at least once a month for a massage that changed my life!

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