The Rosary: Mary's Light for the New Millennium


Mary's Rosary has been called a compendium of the entire Gospel. Each of the Mysteries of the Rosary have an essential message of faith. To preach the Rosary is to preach the life of Christ, the unity of His Church, and the salvation of souls. 

Preaching the Rosary and understanding its true potential is not just an option for Dominicans: it is an essential charism of every Dominican. Former Master of the Dominican Order, the Very Rev. Damian Byrne, O.P., issued a letter on the Rosary in which he quoted Pope Pius XI who said that the Rosary is "the principle and  foundation on which the Order of St. Dominic rests for perfecting the lives of its members and obtaining the salvation of others."

For centuries, popes have considered the Dominicans as the official teachers of the Rosary. In his Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus, Pope Paul VI encouraged Dominicans to effect "the restoration, in a dynamic and more informed manner, of the recitation of the Rosary." In 1994 Pope John Paul II, also a lover of Marian devotion, said to the Dominicans at the Angelicum that one of their special callings is "to delve into the mysteries of Christ through prayer, particularly with the Rosary."

Mary's Rosary is her gift to generations of Christians, and it is a legacy to be developed and perpetuated. The Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage for the year 2000 was but a first step in bringing Mary's light to the new millennium.  

Over the course of 3 spirit-filled days,  more than 800 people celebrated the jubilee by attending the  Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage.  The beauty of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception provided a magnificent back-drop for our speakers.  Attendees were treated to a series of talks that demonstrated the universality of the Rosary. It truly is a prayer for all times, all seasons, and all manners of prayer. 

Our list of distinguished Dominican speakers and scholars was headed by the well-known and witty Franciscan,  Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Each speaker brought a unique perspective on how to delve into the richness of the mysteries. Each helped us appreciate, more than ever, the infinite bounty of spiritual fruits that this seemingly simple prayer delivers through the intercession of our loving Mother. We left convinced, more than ever, that the Rosary will  be a source of deep spiritual renewal throughout  this new millenium.

Those who missed the pilgrimage, can obtain tapes from St. Joseph's Communications.  EWTN will also be airing video excerpts from several of the talks in November of 2001.  

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