Our Main Video Sales Tool is Generating Much of Our Sales and Recruits

Those online videos that sell products and services seem to be quite useful. I like the animated ones that literally draw you a picture of the product or service putting all the features and benefits out there in a fun way that consumers can enjoy learning. However, you really need a good video sales letter writer to get you a great script. We needed such a script for our marketing plan that involves consumer representatives to sell our products. Multilevel marketing is still viable in some industries as a very efficient way to market products. We chose it over the standard retail market for its cost of goods sold.

If you are in business, you know that it costs money to sell your products and services. It is all part of your marketing plan and budget. I think many non-business owners think that stores just beat your door down trying to get you to ship products to them. Well, maybe they will do that for a few select companies, and even then they only do it for a few select products. In most instances you are negotiating prices they will buy your product at from you, and you may even pay huge costs for in-store display and other retail marketing tools. You may even pay for a spot in one of the retailer’s commercials they show on TV. Things you think they would fully pay for. No, there are costs involved in selling things. Multilevel marketing has a different cost ratio associated with it, and it makes more sense for selling certain products and services.

We needed an excellent video sales letter writer to produce a script we could use for our main introductory video to our product line and method of sales to recruit new representatives to both buy and sell our products. Our website and MLM approach has been a huge success. We could have never gotten this far in pursuing standard or traditional retail sales.

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