Losing Weight Riding an Exercise Bike

When I decided to lose weight, some of my friends encouraged me to join the gym that they use. They told me the people there are really friendly, and no one judges anyone else because we are all there for one purpose, which is our health. I wanted to try it, but I knew that I would be too embarrassed at first because they all look amazing compared to me. I decided instead that I would go online and look for the best exercise bike there is. I knew that if my motivation and determination stuck with me, then I would be able to lose weight in the privacy of my own home.

I knew that it would be easier to stick with it if I was able to watch TV or listen to music while I exercised, which is another reason why I wanted to try an exercise bike. The only problem with this is that I had no idea which one to get. I knew that there were all kinds available, but I really did not know which one would be best for me. I went online so I could learn a little more about the different kinds first, then I would make my decision.

I was able to find a website that has a review of different exercise bikes, and that helped me more than if I would have went to each manufacturer’s website and looked up the details. I really liked everything I saw about a V-Fit recumbent bike, and I had a feeling that would be the easiest thing for me to try where I would not give up. I had it shipped to me house, and I started riding it the same day it came. That was a few months ago, and I have lost nearly one third of the weight I want to lose!

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