Looking for a Fun Investment

I have a good bit of money in my pension fund and I have a good many other investments. My main business in real estate, it is not exactly like I am a tycoon or anything. However I have made a very good living from buying houses at a discount and selling houses. In fact where it makes sense I rent them out, but that is sort of tedious. I do not exactly like trying to force people to pay their rent and I hate kicking people out of a house. I am thinking that horse racing syndicates would be something more fun, but in truth I am going to transition away from things where I have to keep my hand on the steering wheel and towards things which are much more hands off. It is fairly easy to find the sort of investments which require very little of the investor. That is what most of them are, but of course you need to find things you understand as well.

Finding something that is fun which you can turn a profit off is another story. Horse racing is pretty fun, but the simple fact is that it is a very risky way to make money. You can not be sure that the horse will ever finish in the money. In fact most of them do not really earn much money it would seem. All of them eat a lot of grain and they need to be taken care. If the horse gets sick or gets injured that is going to be expensive, but normal veterinary services are going to be expensive even if nothing goes wrong with the horse beyond what is expect. A horse is like a child really, you can expect them to get all sorts of diseases and such in the course of their lives.

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