I Use It on My Hands

This is the Esoterica fade cream review that I read that convinced me to give skin bleaching a shot. I didn’t have the extreme problems some people face. There wasn’t a private parts problem for me, for example, although I imagine this cream would work well there too. I use it on my hands to try and control my age related liver spots. These spots started appearing when I hit fifty and they have only gotten worse with time. I remember my grandmother was mottled with them, so it may be genetic. Regardless, I’m trying to do something about them.

I tried supplements at first thinking that my liver was not keeping my skin healthy. I even went to the doctor and had several liver tests and everything came back fine. That meant I needed to try other options. I thought about using make up to cover them, but obviously keeping make up on your hands doesn’t work very well. Pick something up and it wears right off. So that left me looking through skin forums online to see if someone else had a solution. I’ve found that no matter what I’m facing, someone else is facing it too.

It took all of about a day before I saw a reference to skin bleaching creams. Most of the references talked about bleaching body parts best not talked about, but I saw real potential for my hands. I picked up a tube after doing extensive research and started using it. I quickly figured out that I had to apply it at night and then put on a pair of old mittens while I slept so the cream wouldn’t wear off. I did this for about two months and the spots show real improvement. You actually have to look pretty closely to see them!

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