I Can Hardly Wait to Go to School in Edinburgh but My Parents Are Freaking out

There is so much to do to prepare for college. It seems like there is a million things to do. Now I find that preparing for just one year studying at a school in a different country takes about a million more things to get ready. I was not too worried about it but my parents were freaking out. I already had a passport for when we traveled to Canada and England. I just needed to get my student visa in order, find a room to let in Edinburgh, as they say, and finalize my enrollment at the school. I was already in as far as the school was concerned. I had a professor actually make some calls for me, and I received a call back from the school. Now it is all just paperwork.

Where I will be staying seems decent. It has a shared kitchen and shower and bathroom area. No big deal. No different than staying at a dorm back here at the university. The nice thing is that the room where your bed is does not have any roommates. It is private. It has been a long time since I was in England, and I have never been to Scotland. I have one professor who is from Scotland, but he has been an expat for a number of years now. He can still pour on the thick Scottish accent though when he wants to. He’s been quizzing me with some of the zingers his native people use. Sometimes he cracks me up with some of the Scottish poems. I can hardly wait to go, but my parents act like I’m going to the moon for a year to study. Me telling them that I could get run over by a bus on campus here was not helpful. They are just worried like all parents are, but I am looking forward to the adventure.

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