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Chapter News Archives -- 2002

New Promoter of the Dominican Third Order (Laity)!


Congratulations to and Prayers for

Fr. James Mary Sullivan!

Our new Provincial just announced that Fr James Mary Sullivan will be the new Promoter for the Dominican Third Order.  Fr Sullivan was ordained in 1995. He holds several degrees including a Licentiate in Philosophy from Catholic University of America in 1993 and a Master of Divinity (1994) as well as a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (1996,Theology of the Eucharist), from the Dominican House of Studies.  Most recently he has been assigned to Dunwoodie where he taught Dogma.  While at Dunwoodie, he was very active as a preacher giving parish missions, talks, and conferences.  Fr. Sullivan's Preaching website gives a glimspe of the great breadth of his spiritual interests as well as a more detailed bio.  Please keep him in your prayers!

Fr. Joseph Allen Reassigned 

Prayers and Heartfelt thanks for  25 years of Service

Fr Izzo announced that Fr. Allen has been reassigned to take over some very important tasks for the Province.  We send heartfelt thanks and prayers of Thanksgiving  for his 25 years of energetic dedication and, most of all, encouragement.   The Mother of God Chapter's Website Tribute to Fr Allen  captures moments from those years.   During his anniversary dinner here in our region, various members  joked that he had the gift of bi-location.  He certainly seems to be everywhere at the same time.   "Have car will travel VERY FAST for the Lord" could surely be his motto! In addition to prayers of Thanksgiving, please continue to keep him in your prayers as he takes up the challenges of his new assignment which is important to the Province.   

New Provincial -- Congratulations to and Prayers for

 Fr. Dominic Izzo, OP!

Fr Dominic Izzo was elected as the new Provincial for the St. Joseph Province of the Order of Preachers at the chapter in Providence. Previously he was Vicar Provincial for the Eastern Africa Vicariate where he has been on mission for a number of years (see Eastern African Vicariate website for a peek into the life of our brothers and sisters in Africa).  Fr. Dominic was first professed on August 15, 1989 and ordained on May 20, 1994.  He was born June 19, 1966. The Eastern Vicariate has active Dominican lay groups, so he should be no stranger to the Dominican Laity! We ask your continued prayers for all the brothers as they either go on to new assignments or continue in their previous ones.

Professions/Receptions  -- were joyfully made at our June meeting.  Our prior, Deacon Andy Nosacek, gave an inspiring talk on how we bring something precious to the order even as we receive something precious.  As always we had our circle of welcome/congratulatory hugs after the ceremony. 

Eugene Pierre Martin Toussaint made final profession

Steve Graves and Christina Moneta Major were received into the order and will start their first year of novice training




1999 Sister Mary Grace Thul, O.P.



Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Trinity

 "O eternal Trinity, You are a deep sea in which the more I seek the more I find, and the more I find, the more I seek to know You.  You fill us insatiably, because the soul, before the abyss which You are, is always famished; and hungering for You, O eternal Trinity, it desires to behold truth in Your light.  As the thirsty hart pants after the fount of living water, so does my soul long to leave this gloomy body and see You as You are, in truth.

"O unfathomable depth!  O Deity eternal!  O deep ocean!  What more could You give me than to give me Yourself?  You are an ever-burning Fire; You consume and are not consumed.  By Your fire, You consume every trace of self-love in the soul.  You are a Fire which drives away all coldness and illumines minds with its light, and with this light You have made known Your truth.  Truly this light is a sea which feeds the soul until it is all immersed in You, O peaceful Sea, eternal Trinity!  The water of this sea is never turbid; it never causes fear, but gives knowledge of the truth.  This water is transparent and discloses hidden things; and a living faith gives such abundance of light that the soul almost attains to certitude in what it believes.

 "You are the supreme and infinite Good, good above all good; good which is joyful, incomprehensible, inestimable; beauty exceeding all other beauty; wisdom surpassing all wisdom, because You are Wisdom itself.  Food of angels, giving Yourself with fire of love to men!  You are the garment which covers our nakedness; You feed us, hungry as we are, with Your sweetness, because You are all sweetness, with no bitterness.  Clothe me, O eternal Trinity, clothe me with Yourself, so that I may pass this mortal life in true obedience and in the light of the most holy faith with which You have inebriated my soul

-- St Catherine of Siena in her Dialogue



New Chapter May be Forming -- A new chapter  formed at Our Lady of Sorrows in West River, Maryland (near Shady Side about 20 minutes south of Annapolis).  

Regional Meeting -- Regional Meeting was held on April 13, 2002. Lots of new faces. Best  news is that interest remains high and chapters are continuing to grow and new chapters are continuing to be formed.  The Region will be starting a website to note all regional events on a calendar to reduce conflicts and also get the word out that collectively we are an active, growing group. 

Dinner for Fr Allen -- even with the short notice, about 30 folks showed up for a delicious meal at the Pier 7 restaurant in Washington, D.C.  Lots of stories were traded.  One member has been in the order since 1936!  It was an evening of good food,  good company, good laughs and heartfelt thanks to Fr. Allen for his 25 years of service as Provincial Promoter.   

Regional Day of Recollection -- Fr. Athanasius Sulavik, O.P., treated regional members to an extremely well prepared and engaging series of talks on Prayer and Study in the Dominican Tradition.  Fr Anthanasius (or euthanasia as some hospital patients have mistakenly called him!) graciously offered to give us his notes for the talks; regional council officers are in the process of making them available via electronic copy and paper copy. Look for them in the near future. 

Retreat 2002 -- Fr Peter Martin Batts, O.P. gave an inspiring series of talks focused on Dominicans as Contemplative Apostles featuring Mary Magdalene (Patroness of the Order), St Dominic, St Catherine of Siena, and Henri Lacordaire, O.P.). Each person was viewed in light of basic charisms of the order -- preaching, ecclesiastical fidelity, community, study, prayer, etc. The talks were recorded and we hope to have them available in the near future. The annual pre-retreat guided tour of Gettysburg was well attended.  While a silent retreat, we did manage to get some time to catch up on friendships and news and even take a group photo.  The hospitality at the Elizabeth Seton Shrine was, as always, exemplary and warm!


Chalet Magnificat -- Chalet Magnificat was featured in an article in Celebrate Life.  Started by Judy Schiminisky, T.O.P.,  the Chalet provides shelter for the homeless, pregnant women, run-away youths, abused spouses and children, and any others in need of transitional shelter.  To date, the shelter has provided housing for numerous families and celebrated the adoption of 2 crisis pregnancy babies whose birth mothers were guests at the chalet.  For more information on how you can help , contact Chalet Magnificat, P.O. Box 1012, Front Royal, Virginia 22630.  

Mr. Thomas John Martin, O.P., RIP -- Long-time chapter member, Tom Martin, nationally known advocate for the disabled, and former regional moderator passed away October 24, 2001.  Please remember him in your prayers. 

St. Dominic's Day Celebration -- The St. Catherine of Siena chapter in Falls Church, Va. hosted a beautiful liturgical service featuring Gregorian and Dominican chant, vespers, Latin Novus Order mass, and the profession ceremony for Fr. James Poumade. 

Vespers.  Washington Cappella Antiqua is a small vocal group dedicated to the preservation of sacred music.  Dr. Patrick Jacobson, a professional singer and expert on Dominican and Gregorian chant, is the Director.  


Kneeling to receive the scapular of the order after making profession is Fr.  James Poumade, T.O.P., a diocesan priest.  Julian Heron prior of the St. Catherine of Siena chapter, is just to the left of Fr. Poumade. 


Afterwards we had a champagne and cake social.

Immaculate Conception Prior, Rev. Deacon Andy Nosacek, and his wife, Lorraine, chat with Rev. Malcom Willoughby, O.P., main celebrant after mass.


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