Relaxing Way to Beat Work Stress

Visiting a Bristol beauty salon went a long way towards fixing my work related stress. I spend more than ten hours a day on my feet working an extremely stressful retail oriented job. Six days a week, I show up for work early and barely have time to sit down at all in that ten hour time period. It’s a constant hustle from start to finish, and my schedule has really started to do a number on my health. Most days I ache from head to toe, and I even had a lot of problems concentrating or getting to sleep.

The combination of muscle ache and lack of sleep only accelerated the problem. It got so bad I started missing work just to try and get some rest and stop the body aches. My use of pain relievers accelerated, which became worrisome when I realized I could be doing permanent damage to my liver by taking them so often. I was at my wit’s end as to what to do when a friend suggested going to a salon and getting a full body massage. She knew just the place and insisted I go in and see what could be done.

I figured it was worth a shot and signed on for something called Relax into Radiance. It’s a ninety minute massage and I must say I walked out of the salon afterwards feeling like a new person. All the body aches were gone and I felt clear headed for the first time in ages. I also noticed an appreciable decline in my stress levels. For the rest of the week I didn’t need to take a single pain killer and I also noticed I wasn’t as tired after my usual ten hour day. I’m planning on going in at least once a month for a massage that changed my life!

Getting a New Teaching Job

When my husband was given a promotion, it meant that we had to move to London. I am a school teacher, and it was not as easy for me to just pick up and leave like it was for him. Because of that, we ended up having two houses until I finished out the school year. During those six months, my husband set up our new home and I packed up everything from our old one. I also started looking for teaching jobs that I would be able to apply for once I got to London full time myself.technology_jobs

Even though he was making more money than we could even begin to imagine with his promotion, I still I wanted to teach. My passion is in getting kids excited for whatever it is I am teaching on any given day, and seeing them come alive with their new knowledge. I did not want to just sit around the house doing nothing. Thankfully, I was able to locate a really good jobs board that was for teachers and others in the education field. (more…)