Better at Golf and Picking Clubs

When I first started playing golf with a group of my friends, I was a novice at the sport, and couldn’t even tell anyone which club was the best for shooting on the fairway or getting out of a sand trap. Now that I’ve had some experience with the game, I’ve actually gotten quite good at it. I’m still not good enough to play in the masters, but I can hold my own against the rest of my friends. I recently had to find the best lob wedge because the one that I was using before broke on me while I was taking a swing. I didn’t expect a golf club to break, unless I was doing something completely insane, like bashing it against a rock.

Shopping for a golf club after having a bit of experience was a bit harder than I thought it would be. When I was new to the game, I thought I could just choose any old golf club from any company and it would be fine for the game. Now I have a much more critical eye, and I think more about how well each club from each company is made. What would have been passable before now has become a pass for me. I am now willing to save money to get a better club if I don’t have the cash, rather than spending money on an inferior club that will possibly break after a few strokes.

I ended up purchasing a new club that was made by one of the more high end companies, and I think my purchase was worth every penny. The new club handles like a dream. It has one of the most comfortable grips, the weight feels just right in motion, and it feels strong and sturdy. I thin this club will last a long tine.

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