Monthly Archive: July 2017

The Best Web Hosting Service Around

I recently searched for software development in Sheffield due to some questions I had about constructing an app for my website business. I located a firm that looked like they did great work, but what really caught my eye is that they also hosted websites. Now that just blew me away because I’ve never seen a company that offers such a comprehensive service. They do apps, they host sites, they can fix your website, etc. Maybe these types of outfits exist elsewhere, but I had never seen one in the few years that I’ve been running my business online.

Finding this company was very important to me because I have been having hosting problems almost since the beginning. It’s always something with these hosting companies. (more…)

I Overcame My Fear of Speaking

I was tasked with making a presentation at a company event, and I was against the idea. The last time I had done any kind of speaking in public, I was so nervous that I was stuttering all of my words. I was sweating bullet through the whole thing and my hands were trembling. I thought I was going to have a panic attack. The only way I could prevent another situation like that one from happening again was to take a public speaking class and hope that I could improve well enough in time for my big presentation.

The class put me through various situations to help me prepare for the big event. We learned techniques to lessen the nervousness that we would feel when speaking in front of a group of people. I understood what was being taught in the class, but I was wondering how it would play out in real life. Training can be a little different than a real scenario. I just had to trust that I would remember what I learned and hope for the best. (more…)

Best Flower Shop We Have Used

Finding a florist in Fitzroy who would keep up with our business proved a challenge after our long time florist decided to retire. I own a funeral home and of course that means we’re always dealing with flowers. We have about four or five funerals each and every day and we need a florist who can keep up with that demand. Our old florist understood our business and our needs and was always there for us come rain or shine. We never had a problem, even when something popped up at the last minute. He was always there for us.

When he decided to quit the business, we got really worried. You simply can’t have something go wrong with a funeral service. (more…)

Giving Birth to a Toronto Native

For most of my live I’ve lived in Quebec, but after getting married to my wonderful wife, I wanted to try something new. We talked about where we should live, and came to a conclusion that Toronto would be a nice place. We searched around for a great place to start a family, and found Junction in Toronto. Once we moved there, our life was a little different, but mostly the same. We had great jobs and met some wonderful people who were pretty friendly to us. When my wife became pregnant with our first child, things became really hectic.

My wife would have all kinds of crazy cravings and want me to go to the store to get some food. There was a pretty nice store in the area that was only a few minutes from where we lived. Every time I would walk in, the staff would know why I was there. The cravings had no kind of reasoning to them. Once my wife wanted to have peanut butter, eggs, and corn, all at the same time. We also went to prenatal classes to learn about proper care for our soon to be child. They even taught us how to essentially birth the baby in an emergency situation.

Our child was born one Saturday night. It was a boy and we named it Mark. He was a healthy little baby, and had quite an appetite. The moment he touched my hand, I couldn’t help but let out a few tears. My parents and my wife’s parents came all the way from Quebec to Toronto to see the baby being born. We went back to Junction just a short time after the baby was born, and the baby did what babies do best: cry and eat. He’s going to grow up to be a great son.