Monthly Archive: September 2016

Making Changes to Appearance Helps You to Feel Better About Yourself

Feeling good about myself is important to me. Some people assume that taking care of yourself and looking good is not important, but it really is. If we don’t feel good about ourselves, it can affect a person’s life negatively in so many ways. I am not a beauty queen in the eyes of many people, but I take time to look the best that I can, and people really notice that. I went last week to get extensions to make my hair look fuller, and my stylist introduced me to the human hair ponytail that can make you look really chic within just seconds. I liked the idea of being able to add length any time I want to, so I bought one.

If you had asked me last year if I would be using extensions, I probably would not have thought much of it. But I was watching a news program where they brought on a beautician who was showing all the things you can do to make yourself look younger and even more vibrant. They were using two women on the show to demonstrate what they meant. They showed how extensions made one of the models look so much younger. With the other model, they showed how length can do the same, and even help you to look even more put together. That’s how I ended up making an appointment with my own stylist.

I love the way that I look now when I look in the mirror. I already do pretty well with makeup thanks to watching videos on how to apply it better for people my age. Getting some extra help for my hair really helped me to look even more put together. I can put together different extensions to wear with different outfits as well. It helps me to have more self confidence.