Monthly Archive: June 2016

Looking for a Fun Investment

I have a good bit of money in my pension fund and I have a good many other investments. My main business in real estate, it is not exactly like I am a tycoon or anything. However I have made a very good living from buying houses at a discount and selling houses. In fact where it makes sense I rent them out, but that is sort of tedious. I do not exactly like trying to force people to pay their rent and I hate kicking people out of a house. I am thinking that horse racing syndicates would be something more fun, but in truth I am going to transition away from things where I have to keep my hand on the steering wheel and towards things which are much more hands off. (more…)

We Use a Sandwich Toaster for Quick and Tasty Lunches at Home

My wife and I work from home. We put in a lot of hours at the computer to pay the bills. Lunch was usually microwaved fare. Then we bought a really nice sandwich toaster. We have been enjoying the many different sandwiches that can be made. We can get exotic with everything from pastrami to Reuben sandwiches, but a good old grilled cheese is still probably my favorite. I really like grilled cheese with tomato and a bowl of tomato soup. Not the stuff made with water. I like tomato soup made with milk. It makes for a heavy lunch, but it is oh so good!

We use our sandwich toaster at least three or four days a week. We kind of dislike the microwave meals now. Making sandwiches with fresh breads and fresh ingredients is so much more enjoyable than heating up a plastic tub of something in the microwave. I think it is better for us too. (more…)