Monthly Archive: July 2015

Cancer Treatments Wrecked My Hair

Only a woman who has gone through any kind of hair loss can understand the pain of someone going through it for the first time. I used to have the thickest hair, but that changed when I had to start taking cancer treatments. While the cancer was beat, my hair was one of the casualties. I was heartbroken that I no longer had gorgeous, thick hair, and I even got depressed over it. A woman in one of my support groups told me about natural hair clip ins, but I was not convinced that anything could help me. Wrecked My Hair

She pulled out her phone and started going through pictures on it. She showed me a picture of her right after she finished her own treatments, and I would not have recognized her had I not known she was showing me pictures of herself. Her hair looked pretty bad, and I knew that she could empathize with what I was going through. I was confused though, because her hair was gorgeous at the support group meetings, and I thought she might be wearing a wig. (more…)