Monthly Archive: April 2015

Best Chauffeurs with Lots of Experience

I have a meeting in Bristol in the near future, and it is a board of directors meeting for the company. Something that does not happen very often, and I want to try to make a good impression, as always. So I am going to hire a limo to take me to the business meeting. More than that, I shall need to look to hire Bristol chauffeurs and I really would like to hire someone with a lot of experience for the job. I do not want to let anyone think that I am not spending a lot of money for top notch service. I mean, it is not completely necessary that I go through any of this. But so much of this life is about posturing, and making impressions, that it does almost seem necessary in a sense.

I hope that this meeting will go over better than the last one we had. A couple of the members got into an argument that got a bit more personal than it ever should have. It was not fun to watch and it was certainly regrettable. I hope that this meeting will keep a more professional tone throughout. I guess I will have to wait to see if that is the case or not. But I sure hope it will be.

One thing I am concerned about is my accommodations. I have yet to make accommodations for where I am going to stay the night after the meeting. I had meant to have my secretary do that, and either I forgot to tell her, or she forgot to make them. Either way, looks like I am on my own now. I will probably figure that out, after I figure out this current business about finding a chauffeur to hire for my limo.

Getting the New Office Set Up

I have been working for a month solid and the office is almost ready for duty now. We have a dozen guys setting up the machinery already I got a dymo 99012 system, but we are not getting it to work just yet. The system is more complex than it is supposed to be and the guy who was supposed to use it seems to be a bit on the clueless side. Of course it is me, Ron, Milton and a half a dozen temp guys we hired from this temp agency. Ian and I will figure out which ones of them we want to keep and which ones are not any use. If they look like they are going to work hard at this stuff we are going to keep them and train them, but if they do not want to keep the job it is going to be easy to figure it out.New Office

Of course you have to think hard and long before you put a guy on full time. S it makes a lot of sense to use temp guys. (more…)