Monthly Archive: February 2015

Choosing a Custom Designed Home over Standard Ones

My wife and looked at all of the premade plans for small cottages. We were moving onto a plot of land we purchased that had a dilapidated cottage on it. We had the structure razed and were planning to build a new place. After looking at what different construction companies were offering as their off-the-shelf models for cottages, we decided to spend a little extra money and hire architects in southeast London to design us a place based on how we like to live. I have to say that the results were superior to choosing blueprints designed for the masses.
Designed Home
Our place is built around how we live. We had so many changes we were wanting to make in the standard cottage style homes builders were offering that it actually saved us money to have a design drawn up. This way it could be built without any modifications being necessary. We ended up with a custom home that was not any more expensive than having a standard one modified to suit our needs. Another positive is that the architects in southeast London knew the best construction firm to hire to build it. (more…)

They Call Them Coaches and We Call Them Buses

As a historian I have been hired to lead tours of some of the most famous historical locations in my country. I have been teaching for years and traveled abroad learning history of other countries as well. I have spent a lot of time in the UK researching for work about the historical origins of my country. By chance I was asked to take over for a tour leader of a small group. They had already taken care of the coach hire in Bristol, the guests had already paid and they needed a replacement to direct the tour.

I had seen all of the places we were going to many times. As a teacher I had been allowed VIP access to see parts of buildings and grounds that were off-limits to the public. I was confident in my ability to lead the tour. Out of the whole day, I was fascinated by the bus we were in. Well, over there they call it a coach. (more…)